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Ethics and Values

Ethics and the TASC Values are central to our TASC identity. They are the heart of who we are and what we do. View our Standards of Business Conduct.

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Vision and Values

Our purpose, vision and values embody the character of our employees and our company. They focus on integrity, excellence, teamwork and responsibility. We take pride in our long-term customer relationships, our legacy of delivering trusted solutions to complex problems, and the importance of the work we do and the missions that we support.


Strengthening security and safety to protect the basic values of our society.


We strive to be most trusted by our customers, valued by our employees and respected by all as one of the great companies of our time.


Our integrity must never be compromised. Above all else, TASC employees are honest and trustworthy in their personal and professional lives.

Team Work
TASC is a relationship company. By working closely and collaborating with other TASC employees, partners and our customers, we are able to accomplish great things.

Devotion to Customer Mission Success
We live in a dangerous and uncertain world. TASC contributes to the safety and security of our nation by helping our customers succeed in their vitally important missions.

Respect for the Individual
We encourage an environment of mutual respect that recognizes diversity as a source of our strength. Valuing individual contributions not only creates a supportive workplace but also drives the creation of innovative solutions.

Commitment to Excellence
Our quest for excellence is reflected in the daily performance of our employees. We love a challenge. Developing creative solutions to our customers’ most difficult problems is what we do best.

Continuous Improvement
To help our customers solve their most challenging problems, we constantly enhance our capabilities. We are always looking for creative ways to do our work better and to improve the TASC work environment.