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TASC Wins Five-Year ASPO Contract for Warfighter Support

August 4, 2010

Chantilly, VA – The U.S. Army Special Programs Office (ASPO) has awarded TASC, Inc. a $44.7 million contract to provide systems engineering and technical assistance over the next five years. Under the contract, TASC will deliver SETA support designed to help decision-makers and warfighters on the ground.

"We are proud that ASPO recognizes our deep knowledge and understanding of their mission and our agility to anticipate and counter constantly changing threats," says Pat Talty, vice president of Mission Engineering at TASC. "Supporting our warfighters is what drives TASC every day."

Under this contract, TASC will support ASPO’s intelligence and surveillance R&D efforts, Quick Reaction Capability initiatives, and interactions with ASPO stakeholders at every level. In addition, TASC will provide technical expertise in the material acquisition process, planning, and programming system support.

"Whether it’s creating a concept for how applications can be used on a tactical handheld device, or integrating different ISR systems or subsystems into a single solution set, our goal is to ensure that our warfighters on the battlefield have the tools and information they need to achieve mission success," says Talty.

ASPO is an acquisition organization that performs TENCAP functions for the U.S. Army and conducts research and development and facilitates integration efforts in the surveillance and reconnaissance and military intelligence functional areas to fulfill the Army’s tactical requirements.

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