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From the important role our customers play on the global stage to capabilities and business practices that add value, our perspective helps frame the big picture. Read more from TASC’s thought leaders.

March 2014

Commentary: It's the Cost
By Gary Oleson, TASC Senior Engineer
The aerospace industry has a poor track record of trying to reduce the costs of space projects. With big money not returning to the U.S. federal space sector, the aerospace industry must think about costs very differently — or face almost certain decline. Read the full article.

October 2013

White Paper: Measuring Network Resiliency
By Jon Thompson, Senior Operations Research Analyst and TASC Associate Technical Fellow
Without precision timing and geolocation, communications, and ISR collection, our net-centric military strategy breaks down and we lose the benefits of our superiority in these areas. With so much at risk, it’s clear why having resilient networks is critical. Read the full article.

Commentary: Three Cybersecurity Innovations to Give you Courage
By Richard Howard, TASC Chief Information Security Officer
There are three cybersecurity innovations that will fundamentally change how we will all do our jobs. Some of our community are leaning forward with these ideas and showing how to transform our tactical incident response teams into strategic-intelligence organizations. Read the full article.

September 2013

INSA Cyber Council’s Cyber Intelligence Task Force Released Two White Papers
Operational Levels of Cyber Intelligence and A Preliminary Examination of Insider Threat Programs in the U.S. Private Sector. TASC’s Terry Roberts is co-chair of the INSA Cyber Council. TASC’s Rick Howard was part of the Cyber Intelligence Task Force editing team.

August 2013

White Paper: Relaxed Mass Limits - A Paradigm Shift for Spacecraft Costs
By Gary Oleson
With ongoing budget pressures threatening the continuation of beneficial space services, the U.S. space community must explore new ways to reduce the cost of spaceflight. The advent of launch vehicles that offer heavier mass-to-orbit at substantially lower prices is creating opportunities for significant cost savings in the design and manufacture of spacecraft while allowing for performance improvements that are currently prohibited by mass limits. Read the paper.

May 2013

Commentary: Why not ‘functionally better’ instead of ‘technically acceptable’?
By Dale Luddeke, TASC Senior Vice President and Chief Growth Officer and chairman of Industry Advisory Council
As agencies deal with budget cuts, the government is missing an opportunity for innovation and leadership by establishing "lowest price, technically acceptable" as the default approach to the acquisition of IT assets. Read more in Federal Computer Week.

April 2013

Presentation: Mission Mobility to the Edge: Extend Reach, Respond Faster, Reduce Cost
By Tony Dahbura, Technical Director, TASC Global Systems Business Unit
Mobile devices and applications developed by commercial companies can provide users significant strategic advantages and are high on the wanted list of technology leaders in the defense and intelligence communities, according to TASC, Inc.’s mobile solutions experts. Integrating intuitive, secure mobile solutions is essential to staying ahead of adversaries and giving warfighters on the ground tools they need to extend their reach and respond faster to events. Read the full text of Tony’s remarks at the AFCEA Spring Intelligence Symposium Engagement Theater.

March 2013

Presentation: Rethinking ‘Shareholder Value’ and the Purpose of the Corporation
By David H. Langstaff, President and CEO, TASC, Inc.
Rethinking shareholder value and the purpose of the firm is almost where we need to start if we are to address some of the fundamental problems that are evident in society, and our capitalist system. Read the full text of David’s remarks to the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

Presentation: Mission-essential Intelligence and Cyber Solutions
By Barbara Alexander, Director of Cyber Intelligence, TASC Infrastructure Protection and Security Group
Integrating intelligence with network defense is essential to building a policy platform and operational structure that ensures robust and resilient cybersecurity for government and business. Today, cybersecurity is overly focused on response, mitigation and recovery – a reactive and ultimately limiting cycle. Read the full text of Barbara’s remarks to the Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection Symposium.

February 2013

Presentation: Got Data? Now Use It!
By Rick Rowe, President and CFO, TexelTek Inc. and TASC Vice President, and J.T. Halbert, PhD, Deputy Director of TexelTek Research Group
Do you have a data-analysis gap? Experts from TexelTek, a TASC company, explain how government technology executives can access the tools they need to extract actionable information from the vast amounts of data they collect – and share it seamlessly and securely. Learn more about their perspective: read or download the full text of their remarks or a summary of their presentation to IDGA’s 2013 Big Data for Defense and Government conference.

Article: The Journal of Air Traffic Control: FAA Cloud Computing Strategy
By Eric Carlson, TASC System Engineer; Alex Reyes, TASC Senior System Engineer; and Ahmad Usmani, FAA Manager of Enterprise Programs
A new paper by TASC outlines the development of a cloud-computing strategy for the Federal Aviation Administration and highlights recommendations for other organizations facing similar challenges. Beyond the initial benefits – cost savings, rapid provisioning of IT services, flexibility and scalability – moving to the cloud can support and enable strategic capabilities such as interconnected operations, information sharing, data analytics and mobile and wireless technologies. Read or download the paper as published in The Journal of Air Traffic Control.
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December 2012

David Langstaff Remarks at the National Press Club on Sequestration and National Security
Read it or download here.

November 2012

White Paper: The Challenge of Applying the LPTA Process to the Procurement of Complex Services
Read it or download here

Commentary: The New National Security
It’s about People and their Relationship to the Earth By Joseph Obermeier, Vice President of Mission Analysis Business Solutions
Read it in GeoWorld.

October 2012

Commentary: Industry’s Intel Role – Building the Next Aqueduct
By Al Pisani, Senior Vice President of TASC’s Intelligence Group and Robert Silsby, Vice President of Business and Technology
Read it in Geospatial Intelligence Forum.

Demystifying Big Data: Industry Leaders Release Comprehensive Report on Big Data in Government
The key to seizing on the Big Data opportunity in government lies in educating and training the federal workforce around analytics and data science, according to a new report released today by the TechAmerica Foundation’s Big Data Commission. TASC’s Chief Technology Office contributed to the report; read or download to learn more.

September 2012

Commentary: Securing Mission Success in a New Defense Environment
By Thomas Kilcline, Vice President of Naval Programs
Read it in the U.S. Naval Institute’s Proceedings magazine.

August 2012

Presentation: New Tools and Techniques for Compliance with FISMA and FedRAMP
Under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), federal agencies are required to closely monitor security controls, and the new FedRAMP program extends the requirement to cloud services. TASC cyber experts Steve Winterfeld and David Manser discuss how the government can implement continuous monitoring for FISMA and FedRAMP. View their presentation for GovExec (free registration required).

July 2012

White Paper: NASA Is Essential to National Security
By Bob Silsby, Vice President of Business Technology, Darin Skelly, Account Manager for Civil Space Market, and Gary Oleson, Engineer
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June 2012

Commentary: Do we dare protect national security on a shoestring?
By David Langstaff, President and Chief Executive Officer
Read it in Washington Technology

David Langstaff Remarks at the National Press Club: National Security on a Shoestring – Do We Dare?
Read it or download here.

Commentary: New Space Is in the American Tradition
By Gary Oleson, TASC Engineer
Read it in The Space Review

Commentary: Systems Engineering for Tomorrow’s National Security Mission
By Rich Rosenthal, Chief Technology Officer
Read it in Speed News

Commentary: Boards of Directors: Doing Just Half the Job
By David Langstaff, President and Chief Executive Officer
Read it in Corporate Compliance Insights

April 2012

White Paper: Need for Systems Engineering and Integration in a Time of Budget Austerity
By Rich Rosenthal, Chief Technology Officer (TASC), Sarah Sheard, Principal (Third Millennium Systems) and William Neuendorf, Senior Systems Engineer (TASC)
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February 2012

Commentary: New Space is Old America
By Gary Oleson, Engineer
Read it in The Washington Post

December 2011

Commentary: Maryland Poised to Become Nation’s Cyber Epicenter
By Rosemary Budd, Vice President, Business Development
Read it in The Daily Record

Commentary: An Architecture for a “Need to Share” Culture
By Samuel Unger and David Shu, Engineers
Read it in Geospatial Intelligence Forum

May 2011

White Paper: Understanding Today’s Cyber Challenges
By Steve Winterfeld, Cyber Technical Lead
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