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Assurance, to the deployed mobile user, whether an analyst in the field or an employee with a smart phone.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes need customized mobile platforms and tailored systems to efficiently and securely access data remotely and on-demand. From simple tasks to complex and multi-faceted operations, TASC applies the insight and engineering know-how necessary for agility, responsiveness and effectiveness.

Mission Mobility Engineered by TASC

TASC engineers mission mobility with solutions that interface with our customers’ unique systems to deliver the information and tools end users need. With TASC mobile apps, decision makers, warfighters and other personnel – no matter their location – can securely access critical data aggregation or global situational awareness as easily as they can perform everyday administrative tasks, such as completing a timecard. By providing on-demand access from remote areas, TASC’s mobile apps offer anytime, anywhere solutions on any authorized mobile device.

We develop applications for the iPhone, iPad and Android-powered handheld environments, providing mobile applications that extend the reach of the private, corporate IT environment across the cloud to the end user’s personal device. Our solutions are simple yet powerful, providing secure, efficient options for a multitude of problem sets.

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