Building effective programs requires both strategic vision and engineering discipline. At TASC, we deliver systems engineering and integration (SE&I) solutions that span from enterprise governance to financial analytics to engineering design and delivery. This broad perspective is fundamental in helping our defense, intelligence and civilian agency customers balance affordability and mission needs.

TASC’s SE&I solutions support many of the government’s most challenging and important systems and programs. By combining engineering expertise, domain knowledge, disciplined program management and robust analytical tools and processes, we support the systems life cycle from concept development through deployment and operations. Our fact-based analytics help our customers not only build more agile, efficient, cost-effective and capable systems but also optimize mission capabilities through enterprise-level integration.

SAGE™: Wisdom on Demand™

TASC’s SE&I capabilities are backed by Systems Assurance and Governance Engineering (SAGE). This integrated body of knowledge encompasses a wide array of processes, tools and techniques that are integral to delivering systems engineering, integration and decision-support services to TASC’s customers.

Certified CMMI Level 5, SAGE provides a proven framework of industry and TASC best practices distilled from nearly 50 years’ experience working on our nation’s most critical national security programs. A key resource for program managers and engineers and a foundation for training, SAGE ensures consistency, reduces risk and assures schedule and budget compliance.

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